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Cyber Slut 1 001 by DroneE16
Mature content
Cyber Slut 1 001 :icondronee16:DroneE16 18 2
Advanced Drone - Latex Toy Unit by DroneE16
Mature content
Advanced Drone - Latex Toy Unit :icondronee16:DroneE16 16 3
Red/White Rubber Gynoid by DroneE16
Mature content
Red/White Rubber Gynoid :icondronee16:DroneE16 29 4
TYL Pleasyre Gynoid by DroneE16
Mature content
TYL Pleasyre Gynoid :icondronee16:DroneE16 16 7
Rubber Doll White/Pink by DroneE16
Mature content
Rubber Doll White/Pink :icondronee16:DroneE16 15 0
Old Pleasure Drone by DroneE16
Mature content
Old Pleasure Drone :icondronee16:DroneE16 17 0
New Pleasure Gynoid Chassis by DroneE16
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New Pleasure Gynoid Chassis :icondronee16:DroneE16 8 0
Pleasure Gynoid by DroneE16
Mature content
Pleasure Gynoid :icondronee16:DroneE16 16 0
Old Drone  by DroneE16
Mature content
Old Drone :icondronee16:DroneE16 16 0
Latex Gynoid by DroneE16
Mature content
Latex Gynoid :icondronee16:DroneE16 14 11
Rubber Dolly E-16 by DroneE16
Mature content
Rubber Dolly E-16 :icondronee16:DroneE16 14 2
Afterlife Hostess - deactivated drone. by DroneE16
Mature content
Afterlife Hostess - deactivated drone. :icondronee16:DroneE16 12 1



Cyber Slut 1 001
For some time now I was thinking about finally making such design. Something between drone and a life like gynoid. Not really sure about that holographic helmet, may try to change it for something else soon, same with those boots but it has to do for now. Any suggestions appreciated!
Advanced Drone - Latex Toy Unit
And this is something I finally finished today.
Got one of the old designs and upgraded it with NGW and MdIM parts and layers.
I think it turned out well though required over two hours of tinkering only to fix all shine/colour settings. But I think it was worth it.
Drone, full latex cover, easy to adjust and control, oh, and this one still has some organic elements left after conversion thus she has small breathing valve installed on her chest. Be careful, she's quite fragile!
Red/White Rubber Gynoid
Recently updated version of the same AV with some additional adjustments.
Finally managed to fix up all textures, though working on each of those mesh objects was a pain.
Got the shine level on all parts identical so they won't look unnatural any more in different windlight settings.
And what's most important I finally managed to deal with the problem on badly fitted parts that could be seen at different angles. Details but annoying one.
Though now I see I still have to work on the cuffs...

Anyway. This drone designed to be 80% mechanical and 20% organic. Not something I'm doing very often but wanted to give it a try that's why I added breathing valve to it. Though still not sure about it...
TYL Pleasyre Gynoid
And that is my brand new concept for pleasure / entertainment gynoid. Updated version of the last one I uploaded.
Solved most problems, fixed all the parts to finally get them working together.
Rubber Doll White/Pink
Another oldie, just to prove I like bright colours as much as dark ones! In fact white/pink is my favourite setup when it comes to drones, just not being very popular.
Finally after being poked by one of my drone friends I decided to update my DA account a bit.
Throwing on few of my various drone designs/ideas.
Lot of those designs were just scrapped before even taking a picture, something I regret as it seems I will have to put them all back together only to do so. Lot of work, wonder if I will get enough time for it.

Anyway, if anyone is curious what parts were used for each of that AV's I will be happy to help.


DroneE16's Profile Picture
Unit ID: E-16
Class: LTX - Advanced Sex Model - Afterlife Hostess
System specification: Standard LTX Drone Processor
Chassis design: Refitted LTX Drone Latex Body
This unit was created as an updated LTX Sex model , custom order. buyer withdrawed his offer before unit was ready. During lack of other potential buyers, drone was activated and is currently serving TYL as Afterlife club hostess unit.

General design: Sex and Bondage drone


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EmpressDraxnia1991 Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2017
Happy Birthday for you dear! Continue the lovely work and that all squeaky latex continue hugging you always!

*Blows wet and slimy latex kisses*
DroneE16 Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2017
Thank you!
Sorry for such slow reply, didn't have much time to check on my DA recently.
EmpressDraxnia1991 Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2017
Dont worry dear. I understand completely. You deserve only praises for your work. :)
will-1066 Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2017
Thank you for Watching :)
DroneE16 Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2017
Well, reading those stories was a pleasure. Keep up the good work!
will-1066 Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2017
Will do! :)
EmpressDraxnia1991 Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2017
Lovely colors for a lovely one. Your work is so beautiful, dear. Congratulations! :*
DroneE16 Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2017
Thank you. Always trying to come up with such colour mix to fit certain designs. Simple colour change can turn upside down entire thing.
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